​Acrisure / Vanguard Coverage

Salvatore D Alimonda

​Simply put, many in the trade-contractor community that I’m fortunate to consider clients and friends, have weathered some difficult economic (and insurance hardening) cycles.

Tradesman’s entry into the NYS casualty marketplace comes at a pivotal moment and their message is loud and clear:  If you’re a trade contractor involved with the evolution of our great states landscape, and your willing to put “getting employees home, safely, to their family” at top of priority list without sacrifice to workmanship, then welcome to “our family”.  

No fluff – the product itself is perfectly in line with that offered by its true peers that have been underwriting in NY for years.  It’s the partnership… the innovation, the merging of fair premium and client advocacy with fundamental principles of underwriting that make Tradesman revolutionary.  I am honored to be able to offer Tradesman services to my friends, clients and future clients!

Miller & Miller

Craig Miller

​​We’ve been a Tradesman partner from Day 1, The business model Dan Hickey and his team have built and continue to build upon is what the construction insurance industry has needed for a very long time!  

Sales---underwriting---claims--- loss control---- 4 spokes on the Hub of a wheel dedicated to writing the toughest contracting risks in the toughest area of the country while posting a profit!

Continued success Coach Hickey, Bill Belichick has nothing on you.