Ladder Safety Month

​​TPM is proud to observe National Ladder Safety Month, presented by the American Ladder Institute. There is a pressing need to address the serious problem of ladder-related falls and to reduce the resulting injury and death. ladder-related injuries cost more than $24 billion in medical, work, legal, and liability expenses. In the course of a year, an estimated S00,000 are injured and 300 are killed due to unsafe ladder conditions. Fatal falls from ladders account for 24% of all deaths from falls in construction. 

​Causes for Ladder Fall Incidents

+ Incorrect extension ladder setup angle + Inappropriate ladder selection + Insufficient ladder Inspection + Improper ladder Use + lack of Access to ladder Safety Tools and Information

The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) has developed a free, award-winning Ladder-Safety App, providing users with a host of tools to safely use extension and step ladders, from proper ladder selection to set up and use. Many companies have incorporated the use of the app as a part of their safety policy, and it has received considerable attention by state officials, industry leaders, and safety professionals.

The NIOSH Ladder Safety App delivers ladder safety tools, information, reference materials, and training resources into the hands of individual ladder users wherever and whenever they are needed. Tradesman Program Managers urges all of our insureds to take advantage of this free tool in order to reduce the high risk of ladder-related injury. The App is available in English & Spanish as a free download for Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android devices.